Pleasure Wand




Thick and compact, this is the thickest wand we offer, when you look at it compared to the Extra Large Wand you would assume due to its huge size it would be the bigger option, however what little manoeuvrability this wand loses, it makes up for in easier conceal ability, insertion length/thickness and pleasurable waves and bumps on each side depending on your preference.

This wand was created purely with pleasure in mind, for you to explore the much over looked male G-spot! The curve of the wand enables you to create varying pressure and target specific areas.

The smooth bulb at either end is a wonderful surface to meet and open the anus.

This body safe borosilicate glass wand has different textures on either side of the shaft for you to play with and discover the luxury of feeling delicious sensation inside your body.

These Pleasure Wands are made from 100% high quality, body-safe borosilicate glass. This is a very sturdy, safe, durable, shatterproof material commonly used in glass sex toys and also in internal surgical procedures.

The wands measure 3.7cm at the thickest part of the bulb, 2.5cm on the shaft and 18cm in length.


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