The word disease (or maybe better described as dis-ease) shows us the prostate isn’t at ease and is in some state of distress. This is a message aimed at helping you recover inner peace and happiness, an opportunity for transformation.

Sadly, and not due to fault of your own, the prostate is neglected by the majority of men during their life. This could contribute to the fact that statistics show men over 50 have a 50% chance of having BPH, a condition where the prostate increases in size leading to many uncomfortable and painful symptoms, at the age of 80 this increases to 90%. Symptoms vary from man to man and worsen over time as the prostate continues to enlarge.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide. There were 1.3 million new cases in 2018. Treatment options can include medication or invasive surgery, which sadly can have many dramatic side effects including erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Generally, the most developed countries in the world have the highest incidence of prostate cancer, but Japan seems to be the one of the exceptions. Prostate problems such as cancer rates are 3 times less in Asian cultures.

Traditional medicine systems of the East like TCM and Ayurveda are based on the balance between energies within the bodies, thereby not neglecting any aspects when it comes to health. Western culture on the other hand over emphasises effectiveness on the expense of rest and nurturing.

Could these imbalances inside the body also be connected to the problems men are experiencing with their prostate? And of course one of the strongest contributing factors is also diet, you are what you eat as they say!

I encourage you to take responsibility for your prostate sooner rather than later. Your body is an intelligent system which is healthy in its natural state. The journey is to bring yourself back to that natural state by awakening passion in a way that inspires vitality and supports authenticity.