I moved to the UK from Denmark when I was around five and I am currently twenty nine. My mother developed a strong curiosity in all things healing after we lost my step dad ten years ago, so being close, I was always given lots of updates of all the eye opening courses she had been on. The one that struck most curiosity in me was being able to enhance sexual pleasure and improve your health while doing it! My mother offers sacred healing tools and courses for women which is great, but I wanted to offer something for men too. I created this website as I noticed a gap in the market for high quality prostate wands for men, most wands are targeted to women and being male myself I want to bring more healing and orgasmic pleasure to us all with easy to use, and understand tools! This website is not about just selling a wand, I also wanted to share vital information to men that nobody teaches us! I sincerely hope what I have learnt will help you too.  The beauty behind prostate massage and semen retention is you do not need to be highly spiritual (even better if you are!) to understand the concept and science behind how and why it can improve aspects of your life.

If you have any questions at all you can easily reach me on info@thepwand.com and I will be happy to assist.