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We are dedicated to bringing you high quality prostate wands in the UK that can help heal your body, mind, soul and your world through the exploration of your internal universe.

Improve your prostate health and enjoy many other benefits using The P Wand.

Evidence shows that the prostate is a target for infection, enlargement and even cancer when there is a lack of blood and oxygen flow. Prostate massage is a little known, hugely beneficial, some might say essential, practice for men. Regular prostate massage keeps a man’s reproductive system functioning correctly. It is known in Western and Chinese medicine to be one of the best ways to prevent prostate cancer. Men store a lot of emotion and trauma in their prostate and massage helps release the stagnant energy and emotions that are stuck in this area. The prostate is also a pleasure zone. Sadly, however, men are disconnected from this area of the body because of stigma. Prostate massage is important to help men reconnect with their bodies and the pleasure that is their birthright. If you are practicing semen retention, prostate massage is particularly crucial as it helps with breakdown of seminal fluid and its reabsorption into the blood stream when semen is being retained for long periods of time.

If, like most men, you are not in touch with your prostate, that is not only understandable, it is very logical. This disconnection however has a downside to it. As strange as it may sound, it does disconnect you from your own authenticity. It is often unconscious and therefore most men are totally unaware.

When the prostate suffers from stress or blockages, the energy cannot circulate through the body. This can lead to lead to a whole variety of issues.

Typical initial symptoms can typically be around some prostate enlargement with trouble when starting to urinate and some tender sensation while urinating. These are more well-known, typical symptoms.

What is less considered or widely known, is that even erectile issues and premature ejaculation can be linked back to a ‘stressed’ prostate.
Disease does not occur when your prostate is in its natural ‘unstressed’ state. Getting in touch with your prostate can help with both prevention and  bringing you and your prostate back to your natural state.

Some benefits of using The P Wand:

  • Improved prostate and overall health
  • Deepening connection to yourself
  • Improved vitality
  • Emotional release
  • Awakening the energy body
  • Releasing physical pain and tension in the prostate and pelvic floor region
  • Taking pleasure and orgasmic potential to the next level

I would like to mention a bit more about stigma. There isn’t much stigma surrounding the female g spot in western society, however speaking as a man myself, I have lost count of the times I’ve heard friends or other people saying they would not under any circumstances ‘put anything in their bottom’. Luckily things are starting to change but I would be lying if I said there wasn’t any stigma surrounding the issue, when there shouldn’t be! The prostate gland is the male G Spot (known as the P Spot) and if you’re open to exploring, it can open you up to a world of sexual fun whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual etc.  Not to mention the many health benefits and much more!

I will send a care and instructions sheet with every order to ensure you know exactly how to use the wand and also encourage you to be the explorer of your own body and see what works for you! You can also find information on this website. The P Wand is made from high grade borosilicate glass, which is a very safe, sturdy material that will not shatter or break easily. Unlike normal glass, it can withstand very high or low temperatures. For safety reasons this is the material that all glass tools intended for internal use are made of. It has a handle with a bulb on the end to make it easier for you to reach all parts of the anus and prostate getting the exact pressure you need.


I use this wand as part of my self pleasuring experiences for massaging my prostate. It brings me total control to apply exactly the pressure I want, which I have never experienced when a partner has offered a prostate massage. I find the wand’s smooth finish makes it easy to use. It has changed how I approach my self pleasure practices – Andrew

This is a game changer for self pleasuring for men. I have had prostate massage before from a partner but this takes things to a new exciting level whether on my own or with a partner. Soft gentle pressure on my prostate feels so nourishing. And if I want a peak orgasm, I can edge myself and then ejaculate just using the wand. Beautiful styling erotic sensations. Treat it with love and respect and it will do the same for you – Jonathan