The prostate can be massaged both externally (through the PC muscle) and internally (through the anal canal) by inserting a finger, however it can be difficult to get the right angle and pressure in the needed areas which is why we designed a wand to make the process both easy and pleasurable. Which you can do by inserting the wand into the anus and pressing towards the front of the body moving in different directions and pressures to find what is right for you.

The health benefits of the prostate massage are the most effective when you follow the openness of your body to receive. The mind plays an important part as well, and if you have concerns about masculinity, cleanliness or gender roles, it is important to breathe into it and be with these if they arise. Male anal massage is still an area of taboo and not discussed openly. I do hope that this is shifting and making men more comfortable in accepting their body as a whole.

The prostate surrounds the urethra, behind and slightly above the bulb of the penis, a few inches inside of the perineum. When you massage the rectal wall, the gentle pressure is being transferred to the prostate on the other side.

Prostate massage is a source of intense sensations which vary from man to man and can be described in various terms like “swelling”, “throbbing”, “pulsating”, “feelings of warmth”… It can lead you to discovery of broader and more encompassing orgasms which spread the sensations beyond the pelvic area and seem to radiate all over the body. It can also feel numb or painful. Through very gentle massage and meeting what is there with breath, presence and holding, you can dearmour these areas so that they can return to their natural state which is pleasure. When you are physically and psychologically ready to have your prostate activated, you can experience full body orgasms which are completely different from the orgasmic sensations you most likely have experienced until now. The prostate area is also called “The P spot” as an erogenous zone similar to “The G spot” in women.

Ejaculation and orgasm are two distinct processes and it’s possible to experience one without the other. Prostate massage can trigger an ejaculatory orgasm (which is termed “milking the prostate”) as well as non-ejaculatory orgasms. The prostate massage stimulates the release of prostatic fluid and it is common that it appears in a few drops at the tip of the penis without the actual ejaculation.

The best way to explore your prostate is to try it for yourself and continue to consciously explore and experiment. Here are my suggestions:

  • Make sure you warm up your wand, this makes the experience much more pleasurable.
  • You may want to set an intention for yourself if that feels right and create a space that feels good for you.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arouse yourself first. The focus is not to bring yourself to orgasm but to feel pleasure in your body. Breathe consciously and relax the body, when the body is relaxed we can expand the pleasure we are feeling.
  • Make sure you use a large amount of your favorite lubrication. When you are aroused, take some time to massage around the perineum and anus, including your testicles. Take your time, breathe, luxuriate in the sensations.
  • It is important that you are in a high state of arousal before beginning to massage your prostate. Incorporate the prostate massage into a self-pleasure routine. On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is nothing and 10 is orgasm, you should be at a 5-6 before beginning the prostate massage.
  • When you are ready and lubed, take the wand and put it at the entrance to the anus. If you are beginning, we recommend starting with the smaller end of the tool and working up to the larger end. Hold The P Wand at the entrance to the anus and start inviting and pulsing VERY, very slowly and gently. TIP: Pushing out the anal muscles as it goes in helps relax and loosen the muscles so it goes in easier, if you are tensing the anal muscles as it goes in it will be much more difficult and cause discomfort, it is important to relax.
  • There may be resistance, pain, tenderness, soreness. There is no rush. Take your time. Breathe and relax into any pain you feel. There are three rings in the anal sphincter that you need to move through to get into the anal canal. The more you are able to relax, the easier it will be. Keep breathing deeply, relaxing and opening. There are lots of nerve endings in these sphincters so eventually you will feel pleasure here.
  • Once you are inside, you will be able to feel the prostate with the tip of the wand. It is on the lower wall of the rectal passage (nearest the belly). It can be near the entrance or further in. You will know you have reached it from the sensation – it feels “different” – it may be pleasurable but not necessarily, especially to start with. It may be painful or even numb which is totally normal and exactly how it started for me. Very tense in fact, think of it as any other muscle, receiving its first ever massage!
  • When you find the prostate, simply move the wand gently back and forth, massaging it. You are massaging the prostate through the rectal wall. Although you may be able to reach the prostate with your fingers, it is often hard and this tool is the perfect angle for prostate massage. Try pleasuring your penis at the same time with one hand whilst the other massages the prostate. Relax, breathe, explore. There may be tenderness, soreness, emotions. Allow yourself to experience all this. Stay with it and breathe through it. Allow emotions to release.
  • Explore, be curious and playful. You may be surprised what you find!
  • Check out the semen retention page. There is a lot of useful information you can incorporate into your practice whether you choose to ejaculate or not. Regular prostate massage plays an important role of self-care and prevention of disease. It is beneficial to your health as it gently removes blockages and flushes out potential irritants. Every part of the body can store stress and tension, including the prostate. It is important to connect with this body part from a health point of view, but also for pleasure. I recommend massaging weekly if you can, or more! There is no limit on how often you can massage the prostate.